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Introduction to Ordinal Logistic Regression


Ordinal logistic regression is an extension of binary logistic regression. This statistical method can be implemented when modeling a dependent variable that is an ordinal (categorical) variable. This workshop will discuss the assumptions behind the ordinal logistic model, the interpretation of the coefficients from the model, post hoc tests.

Interpreting Linear Models: Regression and Anova


This workshop will teach participants how to make sense of their output from linear statistical models, with an emphasis on the meaning of the model parameters. The workshop is intended for participants who have at least one semester of statistics and some previous experience with linear regression or ANOVA. This is a review and is […]

Variable Selection Using the Lasso Technique


The Lasso is a modern statistical method that has gained much attention over the last decade as researchers in many fields are able to measure far more variables than ever before. Linear regression suffers in two important ways as the number of predictors becomes large: First, overfitting may occur, meaning that the fitted model does […]