Contract Services

What is a Contract Project?

A contract project can be initiated by a Cornell faculty or staff member who would like to have their statistical analysis completed by a staff statistician. We do not provide contract services for projects directly linked to a thesis or dissertation. A graduate student requesting a contract project will need to have written approval from their advisor. 

 The contract services we offer include:

  • performing basic statistical analysis
  • creating graphs and data visualization
  • completing complex statistical analysis and modeling
  • producing reports with detailed interpretation
  • writing reproducible syntax/command files
  • providing timely communication to clients

Contract Fees

Needs and availability for this service are discussed on a project-by-project basis. The rate for contract work provided by a CSCU staff statistician is $160/hr for projects from units that financially support CSCU. For all other Cornell affiliated clients the rate is $200/hr.

For further details contact Lynn Johnson at or fill out the contract request form and one of our staff statisticians will contact you.