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Introduction to Ordination


Ordination is a statistical technique that allows us to graphically summarize complex relationships. Also considered “dimension reduction,” these techniques offer a way to simplify many correlated variables (“dimensions”) into two or three, axes, which are must easier to interpret. In two dimensions we can then map our data points on a figure, and this often […]

Response Surface Methodology


Response surface methodology is a related design topic in which the goal is to determine settings for optimizing the expected response. The designs and methodology will be illustrated using examples from the rsm library in R.

Exploratory Factor Analysis


Factor Analysis is a widely used multivariate technique. It is a data reduction technique that examines the underlying relations that exist among a set of variables. In doing so it assumes that a small number of unobserved variables, called factors, are responsible for the correlation among a large number of observed variables. This workshop is […]

Introduction to Ordinal Logistic Regression


Ordinal logistic regression is an extension of binary logistic regression. This statistical method can be implemented when modeling a dependent variable that is an ordinal (categorical) variable. This workshop will discuss the assumptions behind the ordinal logistic model, the interpretation of the coefficients from the model, post hoc tests.