Introductory Statistical Analysis using Python

This workshop is designed for people who have very little experience with statistics. We strongly recommend that participants view our Basic Data and Research Skills workshop on our Cornell VOD Page beforehand. We will focus on the basic analyses, procedures and best practices that any researcher should consider when faced with a new dataset. All this will be explored in a hands-on fashion using the free language python.
Topics that will be covered include:
  • Understanding variable types
  • Creating and recoding new variables
  • Using packages for statistical analysis
  • Exploratory univariate data analysis and summary statistics
  • Bivariate data analysis
  • Graphing and visualizing data
  • Finding help and reading documentation
Downloading python:
If you intend follow along with the python coding during the workshop, please install the anaconda environment ( This includes the Spyder editor ( which we will use in the workshop.