Advanced Topics in Path Analysis and Mediation

Path analysis is a form of a structural equation model in which all the variables in the model are observed and all the paths of the model are estimated simultaneously. Simply put, path analysis is a series of linear regressions. Hence, the same assumptions that we have for linear regression hold for path analysis.  Path models are often accompanied with a path diagram, so the reader and researcher alike can visualize the complex system of relations.

This workshop is a continuation of the Introduction to Path Analysis workshop. This workshop will touch upon the interpretation and estimation of parallel mediation models, serial mediation models, moderated mediation models, and group analyses in path models. Fit indices and modification indices will be discussed as ways of checking and improving model fit respectively. We will also cover different estimators and when to use them.

The workshop will include a hands-on component using the R statistical software package. The lavaan package will be used to estimate our path models. Participants should install the most recent versions of both R and RStudio on their computers prior to the workshop. To download and install R, visit and to download and install RStudio, visit