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Workshop Catalog

CSCU tries to offer each of the following workshops once a year. Some are offered every semester. Let us know if you have a suggestion of a workshop that you would like to see offered at Cornell.

Click on the name of a workshop for more information.

Workshops on Basic Statistic Methods and their Interpretations

Basic Data Analysis and Research Skills

Getting Started with Data Analysis

Introductory Statistics Using JMP

Getting started with Data Analysis Using SAS

Introductory Statistics Using R

Intermediate Statistical Analysis Using R

Interpreting Linear Models: Regression and Anova

Workshops on the Design of Experiments

Designing Experiments

Designing Experiments for Agricultural Research

Designing Experiments for the Social Sciences

Introduction to Sample Size Calculations

Sampling Design and Analysis of Complex Surveys

Design of Experiments - Full Day Workshop

Fractional Factorial Designs and Response Surface Methods

Workshops on Generalized Linear Models and their Applications

Introduction to Logistic Regression Analysis

Introduction to Logistic Regression for Responses with More than Two Categories

Introduction to Modeling of Count Data

Propensity Score Analysis

Workshops on Specialized Statistical Methods

Analysis of Pre-test-Post-test Data

Introduction to Bayesian Statistical Modeling

Multiple Linear Regression with Spatial Data

Introduction to Functional Data Analysis

Introduction to Meta-Analysis

Model Selection and Multimodel Inference

Non-Parametric Data Analysis

Overview of Multiple Comparison Methods

Introduction to Path Analysis and Mediation Analysis

Introduction to Survival Analysis

Introduction to Systematic Reviews

Introduction to Time Series Analysis

Analysis of Genomic Data - Full Day Workshop

Workshops on Multivariate Analyses and Dimension Reduction

Computationally Intensive Statistics

Factor Analysis

Introduction to Classification and Regression Trees

Introduction to Cluster Analysis

Introduction to Longitudinal Data Analysis

Repeated Measures

Variable Selection Using the Lasso Technique

Introduction to Machine Learning

Multidimensional Scaling and Dimension Reduction

Introduction to Multilevel Modeling

Multivariate Statistical Analysis

Introduction to Ordination

Principal Components Analysis

Canonical Correlation Analysis

Introduction to Statistical Genomics

Univariate Repeated Measures versus MANOVA

Workshops on Data Management, Manipulation, and Visualization

Data Carpentry

Data Visualization

Data Wrangling

Missing Data

Reproducible Research and Automatic Reports

Reproducible Data Analysis Workflow

Research Integrity and Reproducibility

Reviewing Statistical Methods in Academic Papers

Data Visualization with JMP

Visualizing Data Using ggplot2 in R