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Supporting Units

CSCU is a fee-for-service unit. Many Cornell colleges, departments, institutes, and centers contribute to the base funding to support the operations of CSCU. The following units financially support CSCU:

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

  • All Departments

Architecture Art Planning

  • City and Regional Planning

College of Arts and Sciences

  • Anthropology
  • Biology
  • Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
  • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Economics
  • Government
  • Linguistics
  • Mathematics
  • Molecular Biology and Genetics
  • Neurobiology and Behavior
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Sociology

SC Johnson College of Business

The College of Human Ecology

  • All Departments

College of Engineering

  • Applied and Engineering Physics
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (Geology)
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Operations Research and Information Engineering
  • Systems Engineering

The College of Industrial Labor Relations

  • All Departments

The College of Veterinary Medicine

  • All Departments

Cornell Law School

The Paleontological Research Institute

If your unit or department is not listed here, and would like to have it added, please contact