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Vision and Mission Statement

The Cornell Statistical Consulting Unit is a professional service group that aims to strengthen research on campus by assisting scholars with using statistical methods in their research in the most optimal way. Our statistical consulting, instructional, and infrastructure services are coordinated to provide advice, and support the use and learning of the latest methodology for graduate and undergraduate students, faculty and staff. Although coursework in statistics provides essential background, a practical learning is only achieved when researchers appreciate the unique challenges of their own data.

CSCU's services and instruction aim to support research and undergraduate and graduate studies by advancing the following vision, missions and principles:


To be leaders in making sophisticated statistical research methods available to and usable by scholars.


  • Provide a broad range of statistical services to help scholars conduct better research.

  • Provide advice and instruction to improve the capacity of scholars to use statistical methods.

  • Provide an environment for statistics students to participate, under supervision, in consulting and improve their consulting skills.


We work under a number of guiding principles which are necessary to fulfill our vision and missions.

  1. Statistical services and instruction are crucial. Our proactive approach to instruction allows for more efficient service delivery in the long-term.
  2. The CSCU staff and faculty keep abreast of new developments in the statistical field and in statistical software so researchers can employ the latest methodologies.
  3. Researchers are supported at all phases of statistical analysis, including planning, design, data organization, implementing analysis, and interpreting results. The support is instructional and educational. We support a culture that encourages researchers to seek assistance early in the research process, and to think long-term to establish precedents that can be maintained. In this respect we try as much as possible to work directly with the principal investigator.
  4. The instruction we provide through workshops complements courses offered at Cornell. These workshops often introduce statistical methods not covered in regular courses or act as short refresher hands-on sessions.
  5. The CSCU complements but does not substitute for a graduate student's special committee. Although we offer advice or may be a collaborator, the final decision is always in the hands of the special committee.
  6. We respond to researchers' requests for appointments promptly. We strive to make all appointments within a week of a request.
  7. We communicate with researchers on their level and do so with respect, regardless of their level of statistical knowledge.
  8. We do not consult on projects for course work. We refer these questions to the course instructors.
  9. Our services do not duplicate other service facilities on campus.