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Introduction to Meta-Analysis

Meta-analysis is a statistical procedure for combining the results from multiple studies in an effort to increase power (over individual studies), improve estimates of effect sizes, or to resolve uncertainty when research disagrees. In this workshop, we will provide an introduction to the theory and statistical methods behind meta-analysis. Topics will include:

  • Extraction of data from studies
  • Converting among effect sizes
  • Effect sizes
  • Fixed effects versus random effects models
  • Heterogeneity
  • Visualization and presentation of results

This workshop will be offered in conjunction with a Systematic Review workshop given by the research librarians at Mann Library.

Fee: None to members of the Cornell community, but registration is required. Since space is limited, early registration is encouraged.

Participants are encourage to attend the Introduction to Systematic Reviews workshop to be held prior to this workshop.

For times and locations of upcoming workshops, please see the Workshop Schedule.