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Introduction to Functional Data Analysis

This workshop is offered by Dr. Giles Hooker, a faculty in the departments of Biological Statistics and Computational Biology and Statistical Sciences. Functional data analysis is the study of high frequency data that may be thought of as describing a collection of smooth curves. Classical examples of these data include data obtained from medical or environmental monitoring devices and optical or mechanical tracking devices. Functional data analysis can also be appropriate whenever an underlying smooth process is thought to be the quantity of interest in noisy and less frequent data.

Using several examples we will illustrate ways to describe the variation among a group of curves, to describe differences between groups of curves and to understand the effect of one set of curves on another. We also discuss some techniques that are unique to functional data: curve alignment and the analysis of rates of changes or derivatives. The workshop will consist of a lecture and a computer lab using Matlab software. No previous knowledge of Matlab will be assumed but the equivalent of two semesters of statistics and some previous experience with linear regression would be needed to benefit from this workshop.

Fee: None to members of the Cornell community, but registration is required. Since space is limited, early registration is encouraged.

For times and locations of upcoming workshops, please see the Workshop Schedule.